Who will become Missis Baltic 2021 & Missis Baltic Classique 2021?

Casting into regional final is going on!

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We continue casting for self-sufficient women from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland in age 25-40 (Missis Baltic 2021) and in age 40-58  (Missis Baltic Classique 2021),  who wanna turn their life into exciting adventure, see themselves from different angle, fulfill own ideas on a bigger level and be inspiration example for others. 

Already several years Magic Monday Production finalists get over the stage fear and successfully perform in front of public and cameras on hight heels, get rid of hidden inner blocks, use pageant coaching for personal growth and transformation. 


 Missis Estonia 2019  & Missis Baltic 2019 on Black Star Wear  shooting


Missis Tallinn 2018 & Vice-Missis Estonia 2018 Iren Tsupriyanovskaya

Vice-mayer of Tallinn Vadim Belobrovtsev

Missis Estonia Globe 2019 Katrin Korniltsev

Vice-mayer of Tallinn Vadim Belobrovtsev

Missis Estonia 2019 Kristiina Rostovstseva


Watch the video:

Before final show and awarding ceremony Missis Estonia 2019 & MissisBaltic 2019 finalists had really busy camp in Tallinn: photoshoot, limousine ride, parties in Deja Vu Lounge and cocktail evening in Boho Resto & Lounge, Fish Spa and water proceedures, personal advices from top doctor-cosmetologist Larissa Kevvai and nutrition workshop from Erik Orgu,  and of course necessary trainig about show business industry from producer Ireni Erbi.  

For 2 Missis Baltic 2019  top-finalists Katrin Korniltsev (Estonia) and Olga Andre (Latvia) the project opened doors to new achievements and road to international stages in Dubai, China, Singapore:


Thank to international friendship of Russia and Baltics national directors - Alla Markina & Ireni Erbi - our finalists got a chance to become part of  Women Star World festival in Tallinn and speacial guests on fashion historian Alexander Vassiliev's exhibition opening in Riga. 


In current unstable time many processes are happening slower, however political restrictions are not an obstacle for our beauties to move forward.   Finalists of Missis Estonia 2021 camp happening now already took a part in different preparation events as well as charity auction, helping families in need with food and clothes.  



Videoshoot in Tallinn old town and sudden meetig with Tallinn BubbleWaffle teddy


Personal advices and solutions at the top doctor-cosmetologist Larissa Kevvai


Make up workshop by YSL Beauty 


Deep psychology and energy works towrads queen's being in BeQueen Academy by Kristina Pronina

Catwalk and posing workshop by project producer and Fashion Tv choreographer Ireni Erbi

Right now we are going ahead with the castings and glad to meet  Missis Baltic 2021 candidates, to discover shiny worthy ladies to represent Baltic and Latvia on the most pestigious international finals: 


In 2021 for the first time we will be choosing Baltic and Latvia winners in Classique cathegory - from 40 to 58 years young. Such competition started in Estonia the last year and results exceeded our expectations - we keep meeting more and more worthy ladies, who are alive example showing that life is only beginning after 40 and there is nothing "too late", nothing is impossible. 


Winner of  Mrs Estonia Globe Classique 2019 first casting became Elle Voksepp and represented Estonia on Mrs Globe Classique 2019, in sunny Palm Springs resort. Elegant, fit and smart woman was appreciated during the international camp and  59-years-young lady got into Top-15 of the finals as well as received "Optimist of the Year" award on the Globe Awards gala eve.


In August 2019 we held first open final Missis Estonia Classique 2019, the final week of Топ-10 finalists turned into bright adventure, which required a step of comfort zone and a lot of inner work. As a result of camp the titleholder became  As a result of all the competion round, the  winner of the project was the mother of 4 talented children and numerologist Elena Vinogradina. A week later Elena walked on catwalk in Moscow and successfully represented her country at Missis Top Beauty International 2019.


A 56-year-young cosmetologist and healthy lifestyle motivator Jelena Leonova became Missis Estonia Classique 2020 titleholder and has impressions to share: "Do we need such kind of pageants and do we need to participate? My answer is univocal - yes, we need, and definitely should take a part. Unfortunately not everyone understands that it's not a beauty pageant in it's standart understanding. It's so much more.  The size of your breast implats, the lenght of your hair extentions, amount of weight in your body do not matter.  Our women's values should be all about Life, to support and develop it, not to destroy it with hate, envy and agression."


We will be glad to meet new preliminary candidates, ready to carry together with Jelena women's values  into our society under titles of Miss Baltic Classique 2021 and Missis Latvia Classique 2021.

The final camp will be held in August/September in Riga.

Dates to be announced according to the goverment's restrictions easing.

We invite to casting ladies in 2 age cathegories:  25 - 40 years young (Missis Baltic 2021) and 40 - 58 years young (Missis Baltic Classique 2021), who want to becoma part of exciting adventure and transformations, show up to the world, share their story and acquire something new. Stage experience, height, model look are NOT judgement criterias.  Grooming, personal harmony, goodwill and good manners are important criteria for the qualifying round. We are looking for individuals who are ready to continue their growth in self-development, to stand against violence and  inspire others.

 At the preliminary round not only the applicant's appearance will be assessed, but also the ability to present oneself, the desire to work on oneself and reveal one's potential. The owner of Missis Baltic 2021 crown must be alive, not perfect and able to make the world around her a little better by her example or her ideas. The big mission of such competitions is to draw attention to the main problems of society and exchange international experience, this is not "whose style and dress is better" kind a competition, the  the goals are much more global. For instance, the Mrs. Universal®  pageant have been established as an organization with integrity, values, resilience, and one that goes above and beyond any other married woman's pageant. Starting in 2017, all the USA state titleholders have participated in the President's Volunteer Service Award, with the chance to be recognized by the President of the United States for their hard work throughout their communities. 


We accept applications on e-mail mrsbaltic@magicmonday.tv with the topic "Missis Baltic 2021" or "Missis Baltic Classique 2021". In the letter you need to tell about yourself and your successes,  your height, age, contact phone number, as well as attach 5 photos (A portrait and full-length is required. Photos may not be professional). Suitable candidates will be invited to a live casting (Estonia, Latvia) or online casting (Lithuania, Finland)

NB! Applications that are missing any of the above points are not considered.

Every woman wants and deserves to celebrate life, and in addition to her own life experience it is not too late to learn something new and to grow in any age. Training, celebration, competition, motivation, new friends - for everyone Missis Baltic has its own meaning. From now on the continuation of participation in the final will not only have access to the international stage, but also become a member of the Globe Queens Club - new project by Ireni Erbi (Magic Monday Production) and the female psychologist Kristina Pronina (BeQueen  Academy). The Club of the Baltic queens will unite personal growth trainings, charity events, beauty breakfasts and cocktail evenings, interesting guests, fashion events and, most important, support and communication in a circle of like-minded women striving for the best version of themselves. All the finalists who meet the criteria will receive invitations to the club, regardless of the results of the competition.


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Missis Estonia 2021 army of beauty and  Missis Estonia Classique 2020  are  wishing everybody cheerful mood in 2021 and looking forward to meet  Missis Baltic 2021 & Missis Baltic Classique 2021 new faces!