Fashion Sundays - school of beauty, fashion and modeling business

Happy to announce finally our FASHION SUNDAYS course for the girls in age 14-24, who want to find their place in the magic world of beauty and fashion.

- model catwalk

- fitness and plastics

- basics of make up

- haircare and hairstyling

- modeling dictionary

- history of fashion

- history of modeling business

- behaviour in front of videocamera

- behaviour in front of jury and public

- photo and video shooting for portfolio

- preparation for the pageants

Production company will help to find out the strongest sides and to choose the most suitable direction for the future development and career. International model, beauty pageants star, fashion blogger, stylist or designer - you will find your way once you learn your best qualities and you know, how to express them.

Modeling type girls will be offered contract with the partner model agency. The most beautiful and shiny personalities will use their new skills and knowledges to win opportunities on Magic Monday Production national pageants as well as to prepare to represent Estonia on international ones.

No matter which way is exactly your lucky way, Fashion Sundays will help everyone:

  1. To be confident in your future as well as in front of public, photo and video cameras

  2. To feel special in every situation of your life

  3. To become most popular among your friends

  4. To show your strong side on every exam and casting

  5. To create own unique image

  6. To save time and money while shopping clothes, shoes, make up

Monthly fee is 65 EUR .

Send your pictures (no need to have professional ones) and personal data on and we will meet on casting for the Fashion Sundays course ;)

Eesti keeles loe SIIT.

Информацию на русском найдете ЗДЕСЬ.

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