Most Beautiful Girl in the World postponement

On the 8th of March the final show of the Most Beautiful Girl in the World 2017 was supposed to be held in Dubai. Due to local organizational issues in Dubai the President of the project O’Deniyi took a decision to cancel final show and postpone it to another date.

Most Beautiful Girl in the World Organization comments:

"Unfortunately our Dubai partner and Managing Director Yousif Naeemat didn't fulfill his responsibilities regarding local coordination and we were not able to make the final show happen as it was planned. After meeting all the contestants in the morning the 8th of March we agreed not to make the show this date and it was officially postponed. However, our former managing director took the winner's crown and held own awarding of crown privately which included some of the contestants without organization's authorisation. We have to make everyone aware, that no coronation of Most Beautiful Girl in the World 2017 was held yet and in case somebody appears to be crowned, this means the misuse of MBGW brand. This matter is being taken upon very seriously.

Please be aware, that Mr Yousif Naeemat is not part of management team anymore and has no rights to act from MBGW name. We apologize for all the inconvenience caused and will update you regarding new final show date."

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